momondo Case Study

Time and money saving image management system for the momondo group.


momondo group is an online travel search and an inspiration network. The story begain in 1992 with the establishment of Skygate, sourcing complex air-travel data to provide powerful analytical tools for the travel industry. In 1996 they launched their first consumer facing website,, pioneering the online comparison of flight deals. Ten years later momondolaunched meta-search in the Nordic markets, adding cutting-edge data and lifestyle tools to help users find great flight, holiday and transport deals. In 2011 Cheapflights brought these three organisations together under one roof to form the momondo group. Today the Cheapflights and momondo networks have approximately 15 million visitors a month and over 7 million travel newsletter subscribers.


Images, and increasingly video, are a vital element in the travel marketers toolkit. momondo approached Asset Bank to discover how a newimage management systemcould help them work more productively and cut costs. As you would expect momondo has a huge bank of images. They were concerned that they were wasting a lot of money via their team paying image banks for the same or similar images over and over again. Following a new commercial arrangement with istock they were able to download images once to use as many times as they wanted for a designated period. They also had a huge library of images from tourist boards, each with their own specification on image usage. So they needed an image management system to hold all these files securely, providing quick and easy access for their staff as well as making it clear to them if there were specific usage instructions to follow, such as crediting a photographer or tourist board.


momondo decided to buy ourstandard Digital Asset Management softwarewhich offers all the usualimage management featuresyou would expect plus flexible user permissions, multiple lightboxes andpowerful download options.The latter point, particularly the ability to create download presets, has been incredibly useful for momondo. They have created 11 different presets for popular image sizes they use on their websites and social media accounts. So when staff find an image they want to use they can instantly download it in the right format and size for the task at hand.

momondo's image asset management system home page


momondo have been using their Asset Bank for over 6 months now and are very happy with the results.

Asset Bank is a great system that delivers exactly what you want. It is hugely adaptable in both appearance and how the user wants it to work, and covers all types of media. The online support is excellent.

James Feltham, Group Photo Editor - momondo group