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Before The University of Bristol discovered Asset Bank, their teams had to manually manage consent forms and wait for permission to use marketing assets — a drain on both the staff’s time and resources. 

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The University of Bristol is one of the most popular and successful universities in the UK. They are ranked 62nd in the world according to QS World University Rankings 2022 and are ranked number 10 in the UK.


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Bristol, UK


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Asset Bank plan 

Professional, 600 user license, 700MB storage 


Number of assets 

6460 +


The University of Bristol is at the cutting edge of global research and sustainability is at the heart of everything they do. The university stretches across six facilities and is made up of 25 academic schools with over 26,00 students.

As a higher education institution, it’s important that the team at the University of Bristol use software that is:

  • Secure
  • Supports most types of digital formats
  • Provides flexible user permissions.

However, their primary use for the DAM system is storing and managing photography of staff, students and events. For this, it’s essential they had access to consent forms. By connecting forms up with student assets, team members are able to quickly view whether a student has given permission for their photograph or video to be used on the website, for presentations or any marketing purposes.

the challenge 

Managing consent forms and reducing workload for staff 

the university of Bristol DAM
the challenge 

Before the university discovered Digital Asset Management (DAM), they were using internal systems to store and manage digital assets.

Team members had to upload content for approval and manually reach out to students for their names and locations and, most importantly, consent to use the images. Trying to gather this information caused a backlog, resulting in a loss of time and resources. Quite simply, it meant the team couldn’t get on with the work they’d been hired to do.

Why Asset Bank?

During their research phase in 2017, they settled on three different DAM vendors. After speaking to one of our Senior DAM consultants, they decided Asset Bank was the perfect solution for them. Not only could we offer fantastic onboarding and support, but we had one thing the two other competitors didn’t; relationships between consent forms and assets.

Consent forms

In Asset Bank you can link a series of photos from a shoot to consent forms (typically PDFs) where the model, e.g. a student, has agreed for their photo to be used for marketing purposes. This consent will usually have an expiry date, to ensure it is GDPR compliant.

When this date is reached, Asset Bank will automatically expire the photos that the consent form relates to, and it will email admins to let them know so that they can permanently delete the photos from the DAM platform.

Single-sign on

As well as consent forms, the University of Bristol needed a DAM solution that would allow their users a single sign-on so they can log in using their existing user credentials. This meant they’d have one login for multiple software solutions which cut down on IT issues and ultimately freed up everybody’s time. Asset Bank is able to provide this, along with functionality that seamlessly creates new user logins as they sign up.

The Results

Since the implementation of Asset Bank, the staff and the university now have more control over their digital assets than ever before. They are confident in their GDPR compliance which minimises brand risk and gives confidence to both students and staff.

What's most, users are now using the system to its full potential. Compared with their previous internal solution which they seldom used, Asset Bank enables them to self-serve assets. They can upload images and files in bulk in just a few moments and flexible user permissions means there is less time sitting and waiting around for information.

Nick Riddle, one of the Internal Communications Managers, feels that the implementation of Asset Bank was swift and efficient and the pricing model is perfect for their requirements. Asset Bank has sped up team onboarding, meaning everyone can get up to speed with the system in just a fraction of the time, eliminating the need to set up new users on a case-by-case basis.

Teams now collaborate more efficiently, both internally with students and with their external partners. Nick also highlighted the fantastic support offered by our Customer Success teams and our help centre which gives users plenty of guides on how to use the system, thereby minimising disruption to their day-to-day work.

nick riddle, internal communications manager

“Having a web-based DAM system hosted by Asset Bank themselves takes a lot of the strain out of maintaining this kind of resource. The option to create lightboxes and send collections to colleagues - even non-users - is a big plus. Asset Bank has a lot of useful functionality.“ - Nick Riddle, Internal Communications Manager, Bristol University.

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