We’re passionate about making sure you get the most from your assets and that your ‘DAM’ project is a success; whether you’re a new customer or a long-term partner looking to revitalise and re-launch your system. Our experienced consultants can help to guide you through key decisions to ensure a beautifully configured application that is able to provide you and your users with the full range of benefits possible from our software.

Getting started

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Here at Asset Bank, we know that the software is only part of the solution. We support our new clients through the onboarding process to ensure the project smoothly flows from the initial point of sales to go-live.

Throughout the onboarding process, you are assigned one of our experienced consultants who will work one-to-one with you to advise and configure your Asset Bank to meet your needs. We are always happy to tailor the onboarding process to ensure that you receive assistance as and when you need it.

By using our background knowledge of digital asset management and providing guidance and training that our clients so highly rate, we are able to ensure your initial launch is successful and your system provide real, lasting benefit.

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Installation & set-up

We are able to quickly install and launch your new application, either using the settings from an existing trial application or a blank slate for you to customise. Our best practice guidance can help to ensure your initial set-up is quick and easy.

Training & configuration

Our training sessions give your administrative team a great overview of the functionality available within Asset Bank. These online courses are recorded in order to ensure they give the most benefit possible to your team.

Launching your Asset Bank

Ensuring a seamless experience for your users from day one is an important part of the onboarding process, so your consultant can be on hand during the 'go live' day to make sure any hitches are resolved so you get off to a flying start.

Data migration

Collating assets from multiple locations or systems into your Asset Bank is a key benefit of a successful implementation. Having a single source of truth enables your users to find assets easily and benefit from the range of features offered by Asset Bank.

We have experience in migrating assets from a range of different sources - ranging from disparate network drives to alternative DAM solutions. We work with you to ensure that the files are placed in the correct folders within Asset Bank and any existing metadata is retained.

Existing metadata may be embedded within your assets, or we can work with metadata export files from other systems, converting them into a file that Asset Bank can easily ingest.

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Metadata is a key pillar of a successful DAM - without this added layer of information finding the right asset and knowing if you have permission to use it is impossible. We can work with a range of data sources in order to ensure you don’t lose any existing data that you need to keep.

Data de-duplication

Often when importing files from multiple sources there is the risk of duplicate files being added. Asset Bank has the ability to detect these duplicates at upload, meaning we can assist in removing duplicates as part of a data migration task.


Asset Bank's Auto-Tagging feature extracts keywords from images during the upload process, saving time and effort when you need to tag lots of assets at once.

Consultancy & configuration

Existing clients can leverage our expertise to re-invigorate or further improve their Asset Bank implementation. We work collaboratively with clients to ensure there is a shared understanding of the system, empowering you to make future changes as required.

As time progresses there are often changes to your organisation structure or user requirements, which may mean your application needs to adapt in order to ensure ongoing success.

Whether you are updating your system to cater to changing needs or expanding the use of your system to new teams or assets, our consultancy team has the experience to provide insights and best practices to your project.

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Consultancy phases

Our aim is to help you arrive at a point where your Asset Bank is customised and configured to meet the needs of your users, the user experience is smooth, and you are comfortable with the different options that have been implemented. Work through our tried and tested process to ensure you get the most from your system.

Consultancy topics

We have a wide range of common questions that can be a useful guide for discussions and things to consider to make sure you're getting the most from your Asset Bank. Bring your own questions or walk through our FAQs to make sure there is no stone left unturned.


Are you becoming an administrator of an Asset Bank and not sure where to start? Perhaps you’re an existing user that could use a quick refresher on the latest features? With a tailored combination of step by step examples and best practice advice, our training packages will help get you up and running in no time.

In most cases, we deliver training online using screen-share functionality as this enables attendees to easily follow along with the session from anywhere in the world. You’ll also be provided with a recorded version of the training that you can re-use for new joiners to your organisation. We’re also able to offer on-site training sessions, primarily to our UK-based customers, but get in touch if you’re interested in this service from other locations.

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Admin training

Available to new and existing customers, this course covers all of the functionality an administrator needs to set up and manage an Asset Bank. The course is split into two online sessions and delivered by our in-house training team. If you’re using a Professional or Enterprise system then additional topics will be added relating to these features.

Bespoke Refresher Session

Get back up to speed with Asset Bank! This course is ideal for those already up and running with their Asset Bank and looking to update or supplement their knowledge in key areas.


Bespoke services & ‘DAM Healthcheck’

Once you’ve implemented your DAM solution, rolled it out across your organisation, and increased engagement, you’ll see how it can become more central to your workflows: enabling greater benefits and cost savings compared to basic cloud storage solutions. However, as your organisation grows and changes there are often changes in your requirements. We recommend that every couple of years, if not more regularly, you should re-visit the configuration of your existing system, evaluate if you are achieving the full benefits of your investment in DAM and still maximising the value of those all-important digital assets.

Reviewing and overhauling a large DAM can be a daunting task, so we often recommend our Healthcheck package as a manageable way to start these projects. Our DAM consultants are here to support you in identifying where you might need to make changes and how to realise the full potential of the system.

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Customer feedback

We have worked with a wide range of clients to deliver projects designed to re-configure and re-vitalise existing Asset Bank implementations. One of our recent projects with the International Planned Parenthood Federation has been written into a case study so you can learn more about the benefits they received. Here is a short quote, or read the full case study for more information.

“We have been using Asset Bank for a number of years now and have just benefited from the Healthcheck package, upgrade and refresh of the latest features. This process has only enhanced what is already a great product and resource for storing, archiving and sharing valuable assets across a large international organization”