The University of Queensland 

As a world-leading university, The University of Queensland required a robust Digital Asset Management solution that could easily store a large variety of images, documents, and other assets.

University of Queensland Digital Asset Management

The University of Queensland ranks in the top 60 universities as measured by the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities. 



Queensland, Australia 


Staff and students 

The university employers around 2,800 members of staff and has around 55,300 students


World Ranking 

The University of Queensland is ranked 47 in the QS World University Rankings 




The University’s research excels in both quality and impact. According to the 2012 Excellence in Innovation for Australia trial, many research projects at UQ have delivered outstanding economic, social and environmental benefits.

The projects assessed were:

  • Cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil®
  • Triple P Parenting Program
  • Change in pesticide regulation due to dioxin contamination research
  • The development of titanium fabrication technology for aerospace materials
  • Improved imaging for MRI systems
  • GroundProbe Slope Stability Radar, used on mine sites
the challenege 

Managing multiple users, folders and permissions 

Higher education digital asset management
the challenge 

As a huge institution doing such amazing research, it was vital they had a Digital Asset Management solution that could manage 30,000 users with different access levels by role (e.g. administrator, user and contributor) and by group (e.g. school, faculty and department).

The Results 

Now, they are taking advantage of: 

  • 14 different user groups which tailor each group’s permission levels for viewing, uploading, editing, and downloading assets.

  • 44 different Organisational Units that sub-administrators can create and delegate responsibility for actions such as approving uploads, edits or downloads of assets. Overarching super administrator responsibility remains with just a few users.

  • Automatic access for staff and students is controlled using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to integrate their DAM system with the UQ Directory. This allows the automatic addition of new users, mapping them into the correct permission groups, and automatic removal of users when they leave the University.

  • Rights management information is clearly labelled on assets and is shown during the download process to reinforce its importance.
  • Users can link related assets together if they are from different sets.

  • Assets can be archived so they are no longer visible to standard users, but can still be seen by local or super admins.


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