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Supports all digital file types

Just think of a digital file type and you can store it - including images, artwork, video, audio and documents - we've got you covered.

Bulk upload

Save yourself time by uploading files in bulk and add common metadata to multiple assets in one go.

Duplicate detection

Have duplicate files spotted when you upload, to ensure you maintain a single source of truth.

External upload

Send links to external partners (e.g. photographers) allowing them to send files to your DAM, without the need to login.



Powerful integrations to fit into your existing workflow

From design to templating and content management systems, our seamless integrations save you time. 

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Configured to match your brand (logo, watermark, colour scheme and fonts), to ensure your DAM is a best of brand experience.

Bespoke metadata

In addition to default metadata like Title, Description and Keywords, you can add additional fields that matter to you (e.g. Photographer, Credit, Department).

Custom homepage

Showcase and educate from the moment your users arrive. Decide which images to feature, add welcome text, provide search shortcuts and promote featured collections - making it easy for users to connect with your best content.

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Manage and Protect

Flexible permissions

Get the right content in front of the right people. Create multiple user groups and decide what they can see and do, including view, download, and upload permission.

Approval workflows

Allowing you to add in extra approval steps for upload, download or edits, for different user groups. Asset Bank's approval workflow feature gives you more control. 

Embargo, expiry dates

Upload assets in advance, along with a date when they will become visible. Or set expiry dates when an asset should no longer be accessible to users.

New version alerts

When a new version of an asset is uploaded to replace an old one, Asset Bank will notify users who recently downloaded the now out of date asset, ensuring they only use the latest content.

Organisational units

If your business has global or regional teams then you can create a separate part of the site that each can manage. Letting them look after their own assets and users.


Consent forms

If you worry about consent forms, it's time to stop - we've got you covered. Simply link consent forms to photographs of people within Asset Bank, set expiry dates and create alerts to remind you to review.

Rights management

Wherever your digital assets originate from, stock imagery or photo shoot, there'll be some kind of ownership or licence to consider. You can easily keep track and communicate any licence information or restrictions to your users.

Reporting and audit trails

Really get to grips with how your DAM is being used, who is engaging with it and if there are any areas that need improvement. View user and group engagement on the admin dashboard, seeing what search terms people are using and which assets are most popular.


Search and Discover

AI (Artificial Intelligence) auto-tagging

Take advantage of our auto-tagging feature which uses AI to add useful tags to your images, improving the power of search.

Search filters

Making it easy to refine search results by allowing users to filter on orientation, file type and even your own bespoke metadata.

Auto-complete search suggestions

Asset Bank recommends suggested search terms as you type, especially useful for hard to spell names and products.

Saved searches

Allow users to create their own search shortcuts, and be notified when new content that matches this is uploaded.

Search file content

Asset Bank automatically scans the contents of files like Word, PDF and PowerPoint to match search terms with the text in these files.



Share and Download

Convert files at download

Crop or scale images to custom sizes and download them ready for use. A brilliant time saving feature for anyone who needs to get the file in the right dimensions for social channels or websites.

Share files externally

Send external partners and agencies files using quick share. Generate an email or copy the share link and forward it onto them.

Share custom galleries externally

Create lightboxes/galleries of assets and share these with external partners. Optionally add a password and decide which sizes to make available.



Existing connectors

Quickly connect your Asset Bank with other systems so that users can access assets within these. Integrations include Adobe CC, Figma, Sketch, WordPress, Office 365 and more. 

Single sign on (SSO)

No need to remember yet another password - Simplify your staff login process by using our single sign on feature. A one click simple step gets them logged in using their work email address.


Get connected to the systems that matter. Our API feature allows external applications to connect to Asset Bank and achieve things including performing searches, retrieving assets, adding assets, adding metadata and more.

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