Clarion Housing 

Discover how Clarion Housing uses Asset Bank to house its digital assets. They’ve got the keys and have now unlocked the door to a more inspiring and productive working day.

DAM for housing

Clarion Housing is one of the largest housing providers in England with over 125,000 properties in over 120 local authorities. They provide a range of housing and community-focused services to over 350,000 residents living in their homes.


Head office

London, UK


A huge portfolio

Clarion Housing provides England with over 125,000 properties


Third-party integration

Asset Bank was able to integrate with Clarion Housing's third-party templating system to make the team’s workday more efficient.


Clarion Housing is part of Clarion Housing Group, which is made up of both commercial and not-for-profit subsidiaries.

The group undertakes a range of commercial activities in order to invest in our core social mission – supporting residents and providing affordable homes.

the challenge 

Meeting the demands that the old system couldn't 

Social enterprise housing Digital Asset Management
the challenge 

Before Asset Bank, Clarion Housing realised that their existing file system could no longer perform all the functions they required.

Some of the key issues were:

  • Inability to add metadata, resulting in poor search results
  • Limited user numbers
  • Poor interoperability with other systems
  • Inability to set time periods for image life


How Asset Bank helped

After completing a tender process, Asset Bank’s Digital Asset Management system was chosen as the system fulfilled almost all the criteria.

Clarion House now take advantage of the following functionality:

  • Branded login screen for asset users
  • Clarion House can now share all their digital files among staff, including images, documents, logos and video content.
  • Asset Bank’s advanced search functionality allowsClarion House to assign as much metadata to a file as needed (title, description, keywords, estate, etc.) so all assets can be easily found.
  • Auto-complete functionality - so when a user starts typing into the search area it suggests possible matching search terms based on existing metadata. It also offers advanced search to allow the user to search across specific attributes or search within date ranges.
  • Multiple browsing methods ranging from site wide filtering (to focus the browse category structure to a particular region of the country), browse by keywords, browse by estate, browse promoted items or browse recently added.

Integration with third-party systems

Perhaps one of the most important functionalities Clarion House required of their new Digital Asset Management system was to integrate it with a templating system that sits on a third-party server. Our team used the Asset Bank publishing functionality to achieve this. Now all of the template images are managed and updated in Asset Bank and any changes are synced across overnight to their other application.

Sue Wafer, Resident Marketing Executive at Clarion House

Since implementing Asset Bank, Clarion Housing hasn't looked back. The transition to the new system went extremely smoothly and Bright could not have been more friendly or accommodating. We've received positive feedback from our users who say the system is professional and very easy to use.

Clarion housing digital asset management

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