Benenden Health

Benenden Health is a not-for-profit private healthcare provider, founded in 1905. They offer access to private healthcare at the same affordable cost to all their members.

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Benenden Health invested in Asset Bank some years ago, but a recent review of the platform has breathed new life into the system, making it feel fresh and easy to use. 


Head office

York, UK


Thousands of assets 

Benenden Health have 11k assets in their Asset Bank, and counting! 


Hundreds of users 

Used across multiple teams within the business



Benenden Health has been providing healthcare since 1905. First set up to help postal workers fund treatment of tuberculosis, the non-profit organisation has never lost sight of who they are. 

The Challenge 

Proving Benenden Health is getting a return on their investment with Asset Bank

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The original team who purchased Asset Bank were using it to store their brand assets and give access to their teams - perfect! 

Yet, over the years, people in the team had come and gone and the company had expanded. So, the system became more of an archive. A storage centre that many people didn’t really know how to use.

The brand team identified that Asset Bank could still be a valuable tool for Benenden Health once it was given a much-needed overhaul, making it more manageable and user-friendly.

“There are several teams who use our Asset Bank. These include marketing, HR, products, and the Hospital. People were uploading assets one by one and saving many old and outdated files on there” Ellie, Brand Marketing Consultant.










What’s more, there was no defined access to folders, which meant that folders started to get messy and confusing. People started resorting to the network drive to store and find things. Not what we wanted to hear!

So, when Asset Bank came up for renewal they had a chat with Shaun, their Customer Success Manager.

Shaun showed them that they were paying for quite a lot of storage that they didn’t need. He suggested they have an Asset Bank Health Check to make better use of the system and ensure they’re getting their money’s worth. If they were going to be paying for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, they might as well maximise its potential.

That’s just what they did.


An Asset Bank Health Check 


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What is a Health Check?

A health check with Asset Bank takes eight hours in total but is broken into smaller sessions. The customer success manager sat down with the team to delve into their Asset Bank. They chose what to focus on, such as folder structures, user experience, approval workflows (and more). By the end of it, they had a roadmap for improvement and recommendations of what to do next.

How Benenden Health benefited from the Health Check

The Brand team chose to focus on organisational groups, folder structures, varying levels of access by group/individuals and auto-tagging. They also wanted to tidy up the system and ensure old assets were moved into archive. Although it all seemed a bit daunting at first, after a couple of calls with their Asset Bank consultant, Emily, the team quickly felt more confident.

“We soon realised that the Health Check would be a great benefit for us. Simply because it would mean we’d get the benefit of direct help from an expert to make the site exactly what we wanted it to be – easily navigable and user-friendly.”

Dora, Senior Brand Marketing Consultant.

Organisational groups and folder structures

There are lots of different teams who need access to Benenden Health’s Asset Bank. It's important there are access permissions in place to stop people uploading assets into the wrong folders.

“We wanted people to be grouped in their own teams with one admin user per department. We also only wanted them to be able access their own area, as well as the shared area housing our brand assets.”

The brand team created a list of users with accompanying email addresses, along with the groups they wanted everyone to belong to. Emily then did the rest. She set up bespoke team folders so that when team members log in, they’re automatically given access to their own departments' folders.



Bulk uploading and auto-tagging

Before the health check, people would upload assets on-by-one, an incredibly time-consuming process. As no one was regularly using Asset Bank, the benefits of the platform – its functionality and time saving potential – were no longer made use of. So, during their Health Check, Emily showed the Brand Team how to do bulk uploading and apply auto-tagging.

As Dora says: “Before the Health Check, when I tried to upload and add metadata individually to assets, it just felt like it was going to take me forever. Having auto-tagging makes such a big difference.”

Emily has set up Benenden Health’s Asset Bank in such a way that the most frequent tags are automatically added on upload. Dora and Ellie can now upload with ease!

After the Health Check

After Ellie and Dora completed the Health Check, they were determined to make sure Asset Bank was being used by the rest of the company. The best way to do this was through engaging training sessions.

“Emily ran two training sessions with us. We picked an admin user from each team to come along too. The first session was around everyday user tips including uploading, downloading etc. The second session went more in-depth, for example, ‘How to set up new users’’

Afterwards, each admin member went back to their department and debriefed their teams. The Asset Bank training sessions were also recorded so the team can refer to them easily.

What’s more, when we asked Dora and Ellie what they thought of the Asset Bank team they said:

“Emily was honestly amazing. She provided exactly the right support we needed. We had frequent calls and she ensured that all actions from meetings were written up and emailed to us. She was also around if we ever had a quick question and she sent us reminders about anything we needed to action at our end. This helped her so she was prepared and ready for the next call. She made everything easy to understand.”





Creating consistency

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Ellie and Dora felt this was the perfect opportunity to have a clear out and make sure the relevant brand assets were available to all user across the business to ensure consistency.

“As our brand has evolved in the past few years, some of the brand assets/toolkit on Asset Bank had become outdated. We took the chance to clear it all out and make sure that everything on there is up to date. This means no confusion over which assets should be used and it makes our lives easier as people can find the right assets such as imagery, logos etc."

They now have an up-to-date brand hub for each of their teams - which they can control.

"Our Asset Bank is set up so that users can only see their own organisational unit. To them, it feels like they've got their own Asset Bank. But we're the gatekeepers. We can make sure everything is brand checked and audited periodically.”

Benenden Health’s future plans for Asset Bank

Ellie and Dora are very happy with the results of their Health Check. They can now use Asset Bank to its full potential, and they even have plans for the future.

“We want to share news stories and exciting brand related content on Asset Bank, to encourage people to use it even more. It gives the team a reason to log in. So, we could upload anything from our next TV, radio campaign or sponsorship, including images from behind the scenes to the finished advert to get our colleagues engaged.”


The brand team’s tips for using Asset Bank

Looking for some tips to improve your Asset Bank? Dora and Ellie’s tips are:

Set your folder structure from the start

Ideal if you’ve just purchased Asset Bank or you’re considering a refresh, defining your folder structures beforehand is going to save a lot of time.

“We plotted out our existing and new folders in a spreadsheet to show exactly how we envisaged the folder system with various access levels. It wasn’t very in-depth, but we were able to drill down into it during the Health Check. It was a massive help for Emily, and it meant we could skip the initial stages of figuring out what we wanted in our folder hierarchy.”

Regularly audit your Asset Bank

It’s a good idea to make sure you regularly audit your folders and ensure all the users are fully trained. This is what the Benenden Health brand team have done.

“We plan to do quarterly audits internally, followed by quarterly catch ups with Shaun to make sure we keep the platform tidy and that it’s used for the intended purpose. This will also ensure it’s still working efficiently for the rest of the team, as they’ll be the ones using it every day.”


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