Premier Boxing Champions 

Before Digital Asset Management, the marketing team who worked on Premier Boxing Champions had 20,000 + digital assets to manage. Discover how, now, PBC use Asset Bank to take control of their assets and make the most of their impressive photographic archive. 

Premier Boxing Champions Case Study

Discover how the marketing team at PBC use Asset Bank to help further the reach of this popular sport to larger audiences across multiple campaigns.


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Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) was created for television by Haymon Sports, LLC, in January 2015.

This series was designed to celebrate and showcase boxing’s best and brightest stars. It brings the sport to some of the top sports networks in the world including SHOWTIME, FOX, FS1 and FOX Deportes. There are no frills here. Just pure boxing stripped back to its roots.

However, managing the 20,000 + images, videos and media conferences that you might expect from such a popular sporting event isn’t easy.

the challenge 

Monitoring flexible permissions of over 20,000 assets to external partners

Premier Boxing Champions Case Study  (2)

Before Digital Asset Management, the marketing team who worked on PBC had a lot of digital assets on their hands.

With skilled and professional teams based in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway and the UK, the Ground Engineering subsidiaries are equipped to work on several types of site, delivering specialist ground engineering disciplines to solve technically challenging ground related problems in most parts of the world.

They were handling the fighter portraits, weigh-ins, media conferences and, of course, photography of the actual fights.

Not to mention the external agencies and freelancers who needed access to these assets on a regular basis. Photographers needed a place to upload imagery; the media needed a place to download it.

After factoring all this in, you can imagine the time and effort it took to locate images and transfer them across locations. It was a complex process and one that needed a Digital Asset Management system pronto.

How Asset Bank helped

Before pursuing an Asset Bank, PBC sat down with our team to figure out exactly what they needed a DAM system for. From here we were able to identify what features suited them best so we could offer them the best pricing plan for their needs.

One of these included flexibility over user groups and permissions. They identified four types of users:

  • Admins
  • Photographers
  • Freelancers
  • Media

The dream was to give photographers and freelancers permission to upload only, and the media to solely have download access. Admins, aka the PBC marketing team, would have complete freedom over the system.

After identifying these key users, PBC spent some time with our DAM consultant and free demo. This demo was branded and offered them a real-life feel of how the system would help them day-to-day.

"We love giving clients access to a free trial with their branding all over it. We even offer some free consultancy to help them configure it around any of their key use cases. This helps our potential clients evaluate Asset Bank more rigorously, make their case to senior stakeholders, and ultimately help them work out if this is actually the best solution for them."
Paul Muevee - Senior DAM Consultant


Once they were satisfied we could offer everything they needed, PBC opted for the Professional 500 licence. This gives access to up to 500 users and on top of all our standard features offers LDAP integration, organisational units, multilingual versions, API, Asset Types and CMS integration.

The Results

Now, PBC are able to get the maximum benefit from their photographs as they have a quick and effective way of searching and accessing assets.

They are also making the most of our other features including:

Image conversion at download

Ideal for social media managers who need to convert image dimensions for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.


We’ve set up custom configurations to help the marketing team find images easily. For example, they frequently use the keyword function to search words such as fighters, fights and venues.


As the work at PBC is event-led, Lightboxes are an excellent way for the marketing team to collate photography for the media.

For every fight, admins create a new lightbox where they add photos from the press conference, weigh-in and, most importantly, the fight. They can then add captions, metadata, fighter details and photo credits before sharing to the appropriate user groups.

Morag Reavley, Head of Digital Platforms

"Asset Bank allows us to search our archive and access content which was previously inaccessible in multiple folders in many places, ensuring that we get the maximum benefit from our photographic archive. It also allows us to share assets with the media and other selected third parties, so they can 'self-serve'. The flexibility of the interface is very impressive, allowing customising and branding of the system. In addition, the customer service is stand-out, with questions and support tickets answered very quickly and expertly."

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