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Digital Asset Management

Empathetic Marketing – Find the right images for your personas

Successful content marketing is about creating a real connection between your audience and your brand. We know that marketing campaigns are designed to..
Digital Asset Management

What’s in store for DAM in 2019?

Change is afoot - and to be honest, when isn't it?  We always have our radar up and our ears to the ground because the DAM industry is ever evolving. Not..
Digital Asset Management

Forget the usual New Year’s resolutions!

Let us guess, you've made loads of New Year's resolutions; exercise more, lose weight, dry January, get fit, maybe go vegan?  We've all done it and felt..

Our prize draw winner is…

Our winner is the one....the only.....Charlotte Borthwick, Digital Communications Specialist at G4S! Like many of you, Charlotte completed our client..
Digital Asset Management

Why every marketing team in the travel industry needs a DAM

When it comes to travel marketing, images and videos are everything. After all, it is these typically flawless, breathtaking and never-ending images and..
Digital Asset Management

5 key tips to make your DAM easier to use

Whether you are starting out in your DAM implementation, or you have a mature system, making sure your application is as easy as possible to use is one of..
Digital Asset Management

DAM – Everything you need to know!

Digital media has become an increasingly crucial aspect of every business. Each day, companies are required to produce photos, videos, interactive..
Digital Asset Management

The latest research on Artificial Intelligence and DAM

Here at Asset Bank, we have always held an interest in the potential of Auto Tagging. As you may remember, we looked into the capabilities of AI and image..
Digital Asset Management

Seven signs you’re not ready for DAM

Many DAM vendors will jump at the chance to tell you Digital Asset Management software is an essential tool for your business. We’re not one of them. We..
Digital Asset Management

Asset Transformer

We’re excited to announce our latest new feature, Asset Transformer. Asset Transformer allows you to display product images (or other relevant content) on..