We’re sorry. Not just because we’re British. This time we’re sorry because we get so engrossed in the world of Digital Asset Management we sometimes forget there are some of you that might not know what digital assets are. Please let us explain.

Digital assets definition

If we were being flippant we would say digital assets are files with ideas above their station. But let’s start with files, the basic name for a digital asset. All digital assets are files - images, videos, ads, word documents - any type of file that you might want to store digitally.


Assets versus files

But when does a file become an asset? It’s called an asset because it has value to an organisation. Because it has value, an organisation needs to store it securely, but also make it easy for others to find and reuse it as required. This is where Digital Asset Management software comes in. Though not essential, one of the defining characteristics of a digital asset is that it has its own metadata, which enables it to be easily found but also enables users to understand an asset's content and context.


Examples of digital assets

We hope you don’t mind if we use some examples of digital assets from our own Asset Bank.



This is the most common digital asset for most of our clients. In most cases images cost money so it is important to store them securely as well as encourage others to use them so you can make the most of your investment. At the same time it’s important to manage usage of an image, to ensure they are used properly and in line with image rights.


An Asset Bank Banner Ad

Another digital asset that can be very expensive to create and therefore worth looking after. As with images a good Digital Asset Management system will enable users to view the original asset but also edit the ad or image to suit the required use prior to download.


There is a growing need for organisations to store and share video assets.

Another common digital asset and often the most commonly shared asset of them all. Enabling partners to easily help themselves to your logo can save lots of time and money!

What about media assets?

Media assets are a subcategory of digital assets covering media assets such as video, audio and any other media content.

Hopefully you now have a clear understanding of what a digital asset is. We’ll save an in-depth definition of Digital Asset Management for another day.


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