It’s just too DAM easy to make a cheap pun out of the acronym for Digital Asset Management. And we’re afraid to say we’re just as guilty as the rest. Here’s our Top 10 of awful DAM puns:


1. Dr DAM



Back in 2008 Widen created DR DAM to solve their customers' Digital Asset Management issues. There was talk of the stories being compiled into a comic book but we couldn’t find it. Get in touch if you have seen it?

2. Another DAM podcast and Another DAM blog 

Strictly speaking there are two entries here but it’s the same DAM pun from DAM consultant Henrik de Gyor.

3. To be or not to be DAM


William Shakespeare

Shakespeare fans at Smart Image debate whether their system is a DAM or not.

4. Comic DAMn

Maybe more a DAM cartoon than a DAM comic from the Nuxeo team. See it here.

5. DAM IT!

DAM IT! is the name of the WebDAM blog. Why wouldn’t you?

6. Those DAM hidden fees

A short Media Valet blog advising buyers to look out for hidden fees for Digital Asset Management add ons and services.

7. How to be a DAM good admin


How to be a DAM good Admin - Laugh at your vendor's puns

Not our only DAM pun we have to say but in our defence this one was wrapped up with some helpful advice for DAM admins.

8. Digital Asset Management is Too DAM expensive

Well you would say that too if you were Filecamp wouldn’t you?

9. Do your DAM research 

A two-parter from Media Valet on how to select the right DAM for your business.

10. Do your DAM homework CMS WIRE

Canto Marketing boss Leslie Weller unleashes her inner headmistress in this article for CMS wire. So what did you think? DAM funny eh? If there are any other DAM vendors out there who think they've done worse please let me know and we can do a 2016 edition.


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