Integrate your Asset Bank with BrandStencil to start making web editable templates from any of your print and marketing material.

What is BrandStencil?

Turn your organisation’s marketing material into reusable branded templates to save money and cut out approvals

Your designs can be accessed on your own web portal by anyone in your team. We take all the hassle out of material creation by making only the necessary fields editable. This means your team can quickly and simply add content to designs that are already approved and on brand.

Define key messaging to stop it becoming diluted

We'll help you decide which fields should be static, free text or a drop-down select of your key messages. Do you always write your titles in capitals for impact? You can even control the formatting options.

We know impactful, on-message images are a vital part of your brand, so we let you define a set of images for your team to choose from on each template.

How does it work with Asset Bank?

Take advantage of a streamlined process for selecting images from Asset Bank from within each BrandStencil template.

Curate the images you want available for each template to ensure images used in artwork meet your brand requirements.

User permissions set within Asset Bank ensure that each individual can only access images they are allowed to use.

See our Leonard Cheshire case study for further details.


In order to integrate BrandStencil with your Asset Bank, you will first need an active subscription to BrandStencil. Sign up for a free trial and see pricing.

How do I get it setup?

If you're interested in acquiring a BrandStencil integration, then please get in touch today and our customer support team can discuss your installation.

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