Increase your teams productivity by letting them connect to Asset Bank directly via Figma. Users can then access all of the approved brand materials they may need when creating content and building digital experiences.


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Figma and Asset Bank

Figma is an all in one platform for digital design. It provides a collaborative workspace to help users design and create digitral experiences. 

The CI HUB Connector for Asset Bank allows users to access all approved brand materials that they have permission to use, directly from within Figma. 

By connecting Figma to the single source of truth for all of your assets, the CI HUB connector ensures that your designers can increase their productivity by having access to the right files, fast.




What are the benefits of connecting Figma to Asset Bank?

There's no need to manually go back and forth between Figma and your DAM that holds all of your approved content.

Connector Features Include 

  • Intuitive search - acts like the quick search in your Asset Bank and inherits your permissions, for a consistent user experience

  • Browse by Folder or Lightboxes - access and discover assets in the ways that feel most natural

  • Drag and drop - intuitively add assets directly into Figma

  • Utilise lower resolution renditions to save space

  • Place converted renditions of Adobe Illustrator files or layered PSD files

  • Access your favourite stock image sites directly within the connector (Unsplash, Getty Images, Shutterstock, iStock and Adobe Stock) 

Accessing the Figma CI HUB connector for Asset Bank

Getting set up with the CI HUB connector could not be easier.

First contact your Asset Bank Customer Success Manager or  get in contact with our support team to get your Asset Bank ready.

Then in Figma, click on the Plugin link via your profile (top right). You should then be able to search for "CI HUB" and then install the plugin. 

Don't have an Asset Bank? It's really easy to sign up to a free demo with one of our friendly DAM consultants. They'll walk you through the Figma integration and discuss how Asset Bank can meet your needs. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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