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Integrate Outfit with Asset Bank and put your brand assets to work.

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Outfit and Asset Bank

Outfit is a Brand Automation Platform that empowers teams to self-create content at scale, at speed and on brand.
Integrating Asset Bank with Outfit delivers a streamlined workflow for your teams. They'll be creating content in no time with immediate access to all your brand assets, improving both process efficiencies and ROI.

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Brand Automation and Digital Asset Management: A match made in marketing heaven.

As marketers, we know that investing in Brand results in long term business growth and as a result we're constantly seeking solutions to resolve branding inconsistencies, reducing production bottlenecks whilst allowing creativity to reign.

Outfit uses technology to automate on-brand marketing production.

Outfit takes existing brand and marketing assets and automates the placement and use of these within a template framework. The template framework means users without design software or skills can produce collateral which is on-brand.

Automating your marketing production and brand management through Outfit allows you to deliver a return on investment.

This is achieved through saved production costs where you don't need to outsource production anymore, and through time given back to your in-house design studio!

Integrate Asset Bank with Outfit and every member of your team has all the firepower they need to get a consistent brand experience to market quickly and at scale.


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Powerful integrations to fit into your existing workflow

Let us fit in with you. From templating to content management systems our seamless integrations save you and your teams time. 

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