In this brief guide we explain what Video Asset Management is and how our Asset Bank system can help you manage your videos.

What is Video Asset Management?

First let’s tackle the Asset Management part. Often called Digital Asset Management (DAM), Asset Management is the process by which organisations can successfully store, manage and share all their digital assets in the most efficient way possible with staff, partner organisations and other 3rd parties. Digital Assets include popular media such as images, documents, audio files and you guessed it, video. So read that definition again, replacing digital assets with video, and you now know what Video Asset Management involves.

How Asset Bank can help

It’s apt we share a short video explaining what the Asset Bank DAM system can do for you.

Asset Bank offers a number of specific features to help you with your video asset management:

  •  You can upload, store and share any type of video file via Asset Bank including wmv, mpg, mpg-4, and mov. You can upload videos one by one or in bulk. You can also transfer existing metadata when you upload it as well as applying common metadata to any number of video files if relevant.
  • When you download a video it is possible to convert it into the video file type you require before you download it.
  • You can use lightboxes to select a range of videos and then share with other users or non-users to get their feedback on which video to use. If they are a user they can easily download it.
  • You can set permissions levels for different user groups so you can control which videos users can see and download and whether they have permission to upload videos. You can also set an approval process for any of the aforementioned actions.
  • In addition to our standard Asset Bank system, we offer a video keywording plugin. This allows you to link keyword metadata to points in time of a video asset. When browsers search using a relevant keyword, users can then easily find a video which has the footage they require and directly access that part of the film to check it’s what they need.

Video Asset Management case study

The Focolare Movement is a global organisation striving to further the ideals of unity and universal brotherhood. Its in-house audiovisual team approached us to provide them with a solution to help them manage their archive of over 10,000 video tapes.

Focolare is active in 194 countries so you can imagine the strain on resources involved in sending tapes all over the world, not to mention the cost. They launched in early 2014 and are already saving a lot of time and money by sharing their films digitally via their web browser based Asset Bank. Read more about their Asset Bank including quotes from their audiovisual team and one of their users.

If you would like to understand more about how Asset Bank can help you with your video asset management please get in touch to arrange a guided demo.

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