Digital Asset Management Software

Asset Bank's Digital Asset Management software is used by over 700 organisations across the world. It is feature rich, easy to use and highly configurable.

What is Digital Asset Management?

As your organisation grows it gets harder to keep your digital files under control. Time is wasted dealing with requests for images, logos and other files, resources are scattered across CDs, hard disks and network drives, people are given the wrong file type for their needs, and a lack of control leads to branding issues. Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows you to efficiently store, manage and share all these assets.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management software

Digital Asset Management software gives your staff and partners a central location to quickly and easily find and then use your digital assets. You can unleash the value of your assets by encouraging reuse. You can also use your DAM to promote best practise and control usage of your brand.

Why Asset Bank?

Asset Bank's Digital Asset Management Software has a huge range of features, is highly configurable to meet your organisation's needs, and comes with excellent customer support and product upgrades. It's also very competitively priced.

How Asset Bank can save you time and money

All your staff and partners can help themselves to assets quickly and easily. This should free up lots of time for your marketing staff to focus on more important tasks. You'll also avoid wasting money as a result of not re-using resources that have already been paid for.

The Asset Bank solution

Asset Bank is a browser based DAM system that has been developed hand in hand with our clients. It supports all popular image, video and document formats. You can quickly download presets as well as crop, resize or convert before download. It comes with comprehensive permissions so you control who can access the site and what they can do. It is feature rich, enterprise scale and can be 'skinned' to match your branding and identity.

Frequently Asked Questions