Return on Investment (ROI)

Read how Asset Bank's Digital Asset Management software can save your organisation time and money.
As companies grow in size the benefits of Digital Asset Management becomes self evident.

Time savings

Time savings:

  • Finding images is quick and easy
  • No bottlenecks - everyone can help themselves to the assets they need, whenever they need them, 24x7
  • Resizing and cropping is done as needed, on download, and is so simple that any user can do it
  • Collaboration between colleagues can happen within the system, e.g. via the use of shared light boxes
  • External agencies can upload artwork and files direct to your Asset Bank - no need for DVDs
  • You can send assets to partners and customers from within Asset Bank
Money savings

Money savings:

  • All time savings above translate into cost savings
  • Re-use of existing resources would increase (saving money used to commission content from agencies)
  • Fewer, potentially costly, branding mistakes as a result of greater control and clarity over what can be used and for which purposes
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