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  • Uploading files is easy
    with Asset Bank

    Adding assets is easy, whether you are starting from scratch or migrating from an existing system. Asset Bank allows you to upload any file type, either one at a time, or in bulk.

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  • Automatic previews of your files

    Asset Bank will automatically create previews of your files when you first upload them, including thumbnails and larger views for images and preview clips for films.

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  • Finding assets is a breeze

    Users can very quickly locate the files they need saving time and money. You can also use advanced search options and create search categories and saved searches.

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  • Powerful download options

    Rapidly download files in a range of formats. Crop, resize, reformat and mask - all before you download. You can even create image presets.

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  • Use multiple lightboxes at the same time

    Easily store assets you are considering using in any number of different lightboxes. Share with other users or non-users to make quick decisions.

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  • Monitor & control asset usage

    Create different groups to define what users can view, upload and download. Use our reporting suite to monitor usage and help maintain your assets.

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  • Configure and customise almost anything

    Admin users can change the copy on the site, define a category structure to organise your assets, even tweak the default ordering of assets when users browse or search.

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  • Perfect for large enterprises

    Clients like Unilever and Panasonic make the most of our Enterprise features including multi-lingual configuration, Organisational Units and LDAP integration.

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  • Latest features

    Continuous development means Asset Bank just keeps getting better and better, with a new release every few weeks. Read about the latest features to make it into Asset Bank.

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  • Flexible storage options

    We provide a range of asset storage options to suit your organisation’s needs; on a server’s hard disk, network or SAN, cloud storage in Amazon S3.


“Asset Bank were easy to deal with and very friendly but professional. We are delighted to be working with them.” Sam Smith, Graphic designer BT