DAM for social media marketing

Social media marketers, we salute you. You’re the often-unsung heroes of your organisation - creating scroll-stopping content, jumping onto real-time opportunities, and dealing with more trolls than the Billy Goats Gruff.

We love what you do nd we want to help. So we’re on a quest to introduce SMMs to DAM - the Digital Asset Management software that will help you:

Sound good? Then let’s go...

What is a DAM system?

DAM stands for Digital Asset Management. It’s software that helps organisations store, search and use their brand assets. By brand assets, we mean images, video, audio, logos, artwork… Anything your marketing and social media teams need to create click-worthy content.

DAM is a centralised library that puts all of your organisation’s digital assets at your fingertips. AI-powered tagging and advanced search functionality mean you can find any digital asset in just a few clicks. And integrations with other applications means you can often do this without leaving the design or publishing app you’re using.

By eradicating time wasted - searching for assets and manually manipulating them - DAM empowers marketing teams to work faster and frees up more time for the creative process.

Why is DAM relevant to social media?

Video, imagery and audio fuel social media success. They’re at the heart of every engaging social media campaign and give brand storytelling more emotional impact. Whether you’re promoting paid content or looking for organic reach, you need a steady stream of fresh visual content.

DAM provides you with easy access to the digital assets you need to create on-brand, on-demand social media content. It empowers social media teams to be more productive, increase brand compliance and consistency, and increase the speed and scale of content production.

Here are just a few examples of how DAM can help your social media team ace their online objectives...


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Three ways DAM can improve your social media marketing

Fast access to brand assets

Timing is everything in social media - from when to post for maximum engagement, to jumping on trending topics in real-time. That’s where DAM delivers commercial advantage - by empowering your team to create and publish content quicker than competitors.

DAM improves social media marketing by providing your team with fast access to brand assets.
The keywords here as ‘fast’ and ‘access’. Because without a DAM system, you might be missing both. A lot of creative teams struggle to find the brand assets they need when they need them.

Often assets are squirrelled away in folder structures and you need to know an asset file name to find it. Plus if you are browsing the folders, there’s not always a thumbnail preview. So you have to click into different files to check the contents... Not good. And certainly not fast.

And that’s assuming they’re even in there. What if they’re on someone’s desktop? Or attached to an email?

With DAM, you’ve got all of your brand assets in one centralised location - and thanks to the metadata attached to each asset, they’re never more than a couple of clicks away through searching or browsing.

Not only that, but you can see generous preview images of file contents side-by-side, meaning you can compare and find the right file faster than ever and thanks to automatic file versioning on download - users can download the exact file size or crop they need from a predefined selection.

Drop the stock

Aside from socks-with-sandals, there’s nothing more off-putting than stock photography. Savvy social media visitors can spot stock images a mile away… especially when they see the same popular assets used by multiple different brands.

Whilst it works for some businesses, you’ll create a better visitor experience and more memorable visual identity with your own brand assets. Which can mean higher engagement and brand loyalty.

Luckily, DAM makes your own assets as easy to search as a stock photo library. So once you’ve commissioned your bespoke assets and uploaded them to your DAM, they’ll be at your fingertips to use again and again.

All of which means great ROI on the assets you’ve commissioned - and higher brand consistency in the new content you create with them. Plus no cringy stock photos in sight.

Create coherence

Much as you might like to maintain a tight reign over your organisation’s social media, larger businesses often have multiple social accounts and admins. Not only that, but you may also work with external contributors too - like customer ambassadors, staff advocates, influencers and agencies.

It’s a great way to scale your social media outputs and visibility, but it does reduce your control over content. Well-meaning but ill-equipped creators can cause brand dilution - and even damage.

One way to ensure coherent content within a devolved creator community is with DAM.

You can create collections of approved brand assets and share these easily and securely online. No emailing, no FTP… Your creators simply log in from any computer and see the assets they’re authorised to use.

You could package up social post design templates for different campaigns, along with a selection of pre-approved high-quality images, for creators to choose between. Or maybe logos and film clips to create customised video content…

You can even plug our DAM into design and templating tools - like WeBrand and BrandStencil - to empower non-creatives to produce on-brand media in a few easy steps.

These are just three ways that DAM can improve social media marketing for busy SMMs. There’s plenty more. And it isn’t just social media marketers that benefit. DAM is ideal for any marketing or creative operations department.

Asset Bank by Bright is a cloud-based DAM designed with marketers in mind. Our intuitive DAM is easy to implement and scales with you. So you can get going, get growing - and maybe even go viral - with faster, easier social content ASAP.

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