We’ve just published a new Digital Asset Management (DAM) case study outlining how we configured our DAM system, Asset Bank, to suit the needs of dynamic international jewellery and accessories retailer Charming Charlie.


Login screen for Charming Charlie's Samples Catalogue

This case study is a great example of the effort we are willing to put into a trial with new clients, especially when they want to test the suitability of Digital Asset Management software for an unusual user story. In this instance, Charming Charlie were looking for a system that could help them manage and share a vital asset to their business, samples.

Fortunately - what the hell, let’s blow our own trumpet here - not surprisingly, the trial was a success and Charming Charlie chose Asset Bank as the system to use for their ‘Samples Catalogue’.

Six months and 25, 145 assets later Charming Charlie are getting increasingly more benefit from the system. Read the full story here. 

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