We’re pleased to announce the latest release of Asset Bank, catchily named ‘Release: 3.1562’ Don’t let the numbers fool you - there are some exciting new features to tell you about. Here’s a summary:

More drag and drop functionality

Bulk uploading of files is now managed in HTML 5 (but falls back to the previous method if your browse does not support this). One of the major benefits is you can now drag and drop files into the upload area as shown below. drag.and_.drop_.files_.to_.upload 


You can also now drag and drop files in to your lightbox. NB You need to have your lightbox in expanded mode, resulting in the lightbox appearing as a strip along the bottom of your browser window. From here you can review your choices and drag and drop more items in.



More new features

  • It is now possible to perform a number of different actions on assets direct from search results or browse pages. What you can actually do depends on user permissions but the following is possible; download, remove from or add to lightbox, bulk and batch update, edit in workbench.
  • You can now easily re-order saved searches.
  • Analyse asset performance based on their popularity (views or downloads) - includes ability to edit dates so you can exclude newly added assets.
  • Schedule audit reports for yourself and other users.
  • Added functionality for usage reports - view in ascending or descending order and narrow usage reports down to specific categories or access levels.
Read more about these new features or upgrade now to get them all.

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