Multiple Lightboxes

Image Storage with Lightboxes

A 'lightbox' is a location where a user can store a collection of assets prior to previewing, sharing or downloading.

A place to collect and share

In addition to this personal storage area, Asset Bank also offers the following:

  • Multiple light boxes: Allowing users to create as many separate light boxes as they need.
  • Share internally:Choose to share lightboxes with other users of the system, notify them and optionally give them permission to add and remove from this shared resouce.
  • Share externally - Publishing:Generate a snapshot of your lightbox along with a URL that you can share externally. Allow recipients to download all as a zip or review and download the few that they need.
  • Ordering: You can sort by any attribute value, or alternatively use drag and drop to re-order your light box prior to sharing or creating an embeddable slideshow for example.
  • Contact sheet: Allowing you to compare images side by side, including the flexibility of being able to display the attributes of your choice.
  • Manage: Reorder, alphabetise, copy, delete or share light boxes from one management page.
  • Bulk Update: If you have permissions, allowing you to make changes to all the items in your light box at once (e.g. adding a new keyword).
  • Slideshow & Photo Essay: You can quickly view the contents of your light box as a slide show, or generate a Photo Essay. Dependant on the users permissions, these can then either be added to the homepage or embedded into other sites.