We’re sorry it’s been a while since our last upgrade, but we think you won't mind the wait when you see what new features and enhancements we have in store for you. If you are in our Customer Support programme you can upgrade now for free to get all these new features. The first thing we want to tell you about it is extended functionality for mobile and tablet users, you can now use swiping to browse assets.


Extended functionality for mobiles and tablets

Other new features and enhancements now available include:

  • Share multiple assets with external recipients. You can also now share assets directly from results and browsing pages as well as your lightbox.
  • New folder / category and access level picker.
  • Simplified permissions pages.
  • Simplified upload functionality and new upload progress bar.
  • It is now quicker and easier to carry out bulk actions directly from results and browsing pages as well as lightboxes.
  • Upload images to news items and other areas.
  • Automatic video thumbnail selection.
  • Use arrow keys to quickly browse through assets when you are in zoom view.
  • Immediately view assets once you have bulk uploaded them.


Arrow key through assets in zoom view

Read more about these new features or upgrade now to get them all.


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