How do I upgrade Asset Bank?

Shared or Dedicated hosting

If we host your Asset Bank for you please contact customer support to schedule in an upgrade.

Client hosting (on-premise)
If Asset Bank is hosted on you own infrastructure please contact customer support to request an upgrade. Please mention the installed versions of Java and Tomcat in your message and also include the Asset Bank version you are currently on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Asset Bank now requires at a minimum: Java 1.8, Tomcat 7 & MySQL 5.1 or SQL Server 2008. The Oracle Database is no longer supported.

If you require an upgrade but are unable to meet these minimum requirements, please contact customer support about moving to our Long Term Support branch (version 3.1670) before proceeding with your upgrade.

Upgrade Supporting Software (client hosted Asset Banks only)

You should consider upgrading ImageMagick and GhostScript if your current versions are out-of-date (more than 12 months old), as more recent versions tend to have better performance and are more reliable (especially with newer image formats).

However, this is not essential and is not necessary every time Asset Bank is upgraded.

Please check the relevant installation instructions for the recommended versions of supporting software.

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