We have recently noticed a few new sources of independent advice on finding Digital Asset Management (DAM) vendors. So if you at the prospecting phase of your DAM project here are some useful directories and companies for you to try.


DAM Vendors

A very thorough review of the Digital Asset Management market place from Digital Asset Management News. DAM vendors is not as commercially orientated as others and goes into a lot of detail on specifications. You can even upgrade to their premum account for $300. This gives you more advance filtering of vendors and a shortlist facility where you can send briefs to your selection directly from DAM vendors. Approximately 60 vendors are listed.


Capterra’s directory encompasses a wide variety of software providers not just Digital Asset Management. It’s a commercial model following a system similar to Google Adwords where vendors bid on a cost per click basis to be at the top of the listing. Capterra also encourages their vendors to obtain reviews of their DAM systems from their clients. These can be useful but beware they are not as independently sourced as say Google or Tripadvisor reviews. Close to 200 vendors are listed.


Gleanster is similar to Capterra in that it covers a wide range of software providers. It also features vendor reviews and vendors can pay to be at the top of the listings. However they also offer a useful benchmark report which provides lots of insight on the DAM market and head to head comparisons of a selection of vendors. Though it’s good that the comparisons are sourced from vendor’s clients, the downside of this approach is it only features the vendors who are willing to ask their clients to take part. Approximately 60 vendors are listed.

CMS Wire

CMS Wire is a web magazine covering Digital Asset Management, Customer Experience Management, Digital Marketing, Social Business and Enterprise Information Management. As part of their magazine they have a vendor directory. It's not quite as detailed as other directories listed here but it does allow you to easily filter results by hosting location, license type and market size. Close to 100 vendors are listed.

Real Story Group 

You could argue that Real Story Group is the most independent of the DAM vendors listed here as it commissions experienced independent professionals to conduct a thorough analysis of a selection of vendors for its reports. Consequently, it’s not a free resource like the other directories listed here and their reports only cover a limited amount of vendors. Their Digital & Media Asset Management report starts at $2,950. 40 vendors are evaluated.

We hope you find this advice useful. And of course if Asset Bank makes your shortlist feel free to get in touch for a guided demo!

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