DAM & remote working: the perfect pair

In a time where many people are finding themselves working from home quite unexpectedly, organisations will be looking to technology to help their staff adapt to their new set up. 

We developed our latest DAM software product, DASH to provide an efficient and user-friendly solution for those needing to store and share their digital assets remotely, without lengthy training. If you’re planning to use these quieter times to keep employees busy it could be an ideal time to begin organising your assets - some digital housekeeping if you will!

Here are some top tips to get your assets in order...

  1. Centralise all of your digital assets (files, images, videos etc.) into one system. Many companies spread assets between multiple platforms which make things very confusing when searching and sharing between teams - one centralised system saves time and money.
  2. When you’ve decided to centralise your assets into a DAM it’s important to put one person in charge of the project. The good news is that it’s the perfect task to tackle remotely! Once the project manager has developed a preferred tagging system they will then be able to train ‘super users’ to ensure everyone is following the same process.
  3. Ensure that files are tagged with appropriate keywords (DASH uses AI to save you time) and if you are using a DAM with the functionality to add usage rights and expiry dates (such as Asset Bank or DASH) then make sure to take advantage of this! It will safeguard you from being penalised for using images without consent.
  4. Use the ‘sorting’ time to rediscover content and images that can be reused or repurposed. Companies tend to have plenty of useful images and videos that get tucked away and forgotten so make sure to create a collection in your DAM to store interesting finds.
  5. Protect your brand by storing your up to date logos and brand assets in one area and share company wide - there’s nothing worse than out of date assets being used and it’s often costly to revoke and redo.

Hopefully these tips might give you some fresh inspiration to delve into your asset libraries and have a good spring clean. Here’s hoping we’ll all come out of the other side of this remote working period with a streamlined DAM and more time to spend on creative projects! Do get in touch if you’d like to hear about how we can help to simplify the way you manage your digital files.


Emma Pryke
Written by Emma Pryke

With a love for words and a head for marketing, Emma works with the team at Bright to create content that is *gasp* not just about Digital Asset Management! You’ll hear her voice on the Big Bright Podcast and she’s always keen to speak to our clients to get the scoop on what's going on their world. If you have a story for us about the incredible images in your Asset Bank just let her know!