Find what you need, faster than ever before

Dash is an effortless, intelligent Digital Asset Management solution for SMEs and smaller teams, helping you to find the right content as quickly as possible.

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Spend less time organising files, more time doing the work you love

Cutting-edge AI technology automatically tags and categorises your digital files on upload. An intuitive, user friendly interface makes editing metadata effortless.

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Find the right images and videos in seconds

No need to spend hours browsing network drives - just enter a few keywords into Dash and easily refine the results to find the perfect image or video for your campaign, social media post or content.

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Streamline your workflows, easily share digital files with clients and partners

Simplify the way you share. No need to send emails containing large attachments or search the internet for trusted file sharing tools. Keep everything in one place and share assets with a single link.

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Intelligence without complexity

Import images and graphics straight into InDesign

No need to leave Adobe InDesign. Simply use our clever extension to access and embed assets directly into your layouts.

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The streamlined solution for managing your digital content

All the features you need, without the baggage.

Custom attributes

You choose the metadata you want to store using a range of custom field types


Group your assets together into curated collections so you can revisit them when you need to.

Easy sharing

Easily share your digital files via email or by URL link 

Facial recognition

Search for and tag people in your images and videos.

Address lookup

Know where an image was taken but not sure where it’s stored? Use our Geolocation search feature which stores location information about your images helping you to find them fast.


Custom branding

Make it feel like your brand, add your own logo, colours, favicons and background.

Crop & resize

Easily crop and resize images and videos within Dash.

Embeddable URLs

Save yourself some more time. time you don’t need to upload to a separate CMS - serve your images up straight from Dash.

Object tagging

Automatically identify and tag objects, locations, people, animals and more.

Advanced video support

Intelligently tag and recognise faces inside video content.

Bulk editing

An intuitive, user friendly bulk editor allows you to update hundreds of assets at once.

User roles

Control who can upload and manage your assets with three distinct user permission levels.

Adobe InDesign extension

No need to leave Adobe InDesign. Simply use our clever extension to access and embed assets directly into your layouts.

Text in image

Automatically identify and extract the text within images.