A streamlined, lightning fast DAM for smaller teams

Dash is a streamlined, intelligent Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for those who need the power of a more traditional DAM system, but not the complexity.
Using cutting-edge auto-tagging, including facial recognition, Dash makes it as fast as possible to upload, tag, share and use your digital assets.

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Dash saves time

Halve the time you spend managing your assets

It's for busy people who prioritise speed and agility; the new generation of DAM users who want to get the most value from their digital assets by sharing and repurposing them quickly and widely. Using cutting edge facial recognition technology Dash makes it as fast as possible to upload, tag, share and use your digital assets.

Dash is intelligent

Always fast

Dash is built for speed - and you can expect high performance even if you are storing millions of assets. It’s for organisations with large or growing volumes of assets and not enough time to deal with them.


Our vision is to provide a ‘hands-free’ DAM solution - one that doesn’t require admin users to manually tag assets - ever. We’re not quite there yet - but with cutting-edge AI technologies, including object tagging and Facial Recognition, we’re well on our way.

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Use the power of facial recognition technology to transform the way you tag your digital assets

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Lightning-fast searches

Find what you need quickly using our faceted search filters to combine criteria and see results instantly.

Facial Recognition

Using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, combined with a UX designed to save you time, you should only have to tag a person once, no matter how many images they appear in.

Object Tagging

Uploaded assets are automatically tagged by object, scene recognition technology to save you having to do it.

Fast Uploading

Upload assets in parallel, at lightning fast speeds
We leverage the power of Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration and a microservices architecture to provide extremely fast parallel uploads.

Customisable fields

Create text fields, dropdowns, hierarchical taxonomies - whatever you need to match your metadata needs.

Custom branding

Add your logo and change the styling so Dash matches your brand

Bulk Updating

Make changes to multiple assets quickly and easily
Our bulk update functionality allows you to make changes to large numbers of assets with a single action.

Repurpose on download

Download an image in exactly the right format and size for using on the web, in documents or anywhere else.

Easy sharing

Share one or more assets with people within or outside your organisation with ease.

Upload images, videos, documents .. and anything else

Dash can handle any file, no matter what format or size. Previews are quickly generated for all popular image and video formats.


Dash has been designed to integrate easily with other applications - whether this is your favourite CMS or marketing platform or one of your internal systems. If we don’t already integrate with an application you use then talk to us to see if we can develop a plugin.

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Pricing starts from £350 ($525 USD) per month.

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Our Products


For medium to large sized businesses, Asset Bank is award winning, feature-rich, intelligent digital asset management software that makes managing brand media seamless, whatever the size of your organisation.

Your digital files are centrally stored and are secure, searchable and easily accessible by anyone you choose - fast.


Brand Hub is a set of interactive brand guidelines, designed to tell your brand story, showcase content, inspire your team and partners and reinforce brand consistency across your business.

Brand Hub is ideal for teams who want a stunning, inspirational showcase instead of a static brand guidelines document. It’s your brand at its best.


For smaller teams, Dash is a streamlined, intelligent DAM solution designed specifically for those who need the speed and agility of a more traditional DAM system but not the complexity. 

Using cutting edge auto-tagging, including facial recognition, Dash makes it as fast as possible to upload, tag, share and use your digital assets.