Asset Bank can be hosted with us, or can be installed on your own servers.

Hosting with us in the Cloud

Shared Hosting - our most popular option

This is a cost effective way to host your DAM solution in a Cloud Environment and have our experts manage the application and infrastructure.

Benefits include:

  • Value - From £100 per month to host the application and up to 100GB of storage.
  • Expertise - Our application experts support the system and hosting infrastructure, resulting in one less application for your IT Team to worry about.
  • Flexibility - Host your solution with us in either the EU, North America or Australia.
  • Security - We use an industry leading provider for our infrastructure, Amazon We Services. They are certified to ISO27001.
  • Simplicity - All popular Single Sign on technologies are supported including Crowd, OpenID, Google, SAML Compliant Identity Providers and Sage Passport. Allowing staff to login automatically whilst supporting email/password login for partner organisations.
  • Peace of mind - All our servers are monitored remotely to ensure everything is running smoothly, and all asset and application files are backed up daily.

Shared hosting charges start from £100 per month, which includes 100 Gigabytes of storage (enough for approximately 20,000 high quality JPGs).

For more details please refer to our Hosting Service Description below.

Asset Bank shared hosting service description

Dedicated Server

If you have bespoke security requirements we understand that you might want to host Asset Bank on a dedicated server. We partner with AWS to provide fully backed up EC2 virtual servers which we fully manage for you.

Dedicated server hosting charges start from £400 per month.

Asset Bank dedicated server hosting service.

Amazon CloudFront CDN Integration

If we host your Asset Bank on a shared or dedicated server and you have global users you might want to consider the additional use of the Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDNs are server systems used to distribute content worldwide with minimum latency. We can integrate your Asset Bank with Amazon CloudFront so your thumbnail results pages load rapidly for users, wherever they are in the world. Read more

Hosting on your Servers (On-Premises)

We provide a remote installation service to ensure Asset Bank is properly installed on your server, connecting to appropriate storage devices and performing a post installation systems check.

Hybrid Hosting

You can have Asset Bank installed on your own servers and leverage the benefits of cloud storage by using your own Amazon S3 account as a storage device for your asset files.

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