Come the New Year, come the New Features. Here's a summary of enhancements and features we have recently added to Asset Bank's Digital Asset Management software.


Publish Lightbox enhancements


You now have some new options when publishing light boxes of digital assets for others to browse. These include the ability to:
  • Email a link to the lightbox directly from Asset Bank - you can also add a message.
  • Control which user groups can publish a lightbox.
  • Set up a global expiry date for published lightboxes.
  • Add global introduction to all published lightboxes.


Asset Zoom Functionality

This is a useful tool for managing image assets, On an image details page you can click on the image and zoom in quickly to see more details. Watch the quick video demo below:


Summary of other enhancements:

  • Bulk & Batch update assets directly from a browse category or a search results page.
  • The option to edit assets in 'workbench' when browsing assets in a category.
  • Additional reports to find out how many new users have joined in a specific data range and see detailed records of download requests.
  • Standard video support for MTS video files has now been added.
  • Intelligent validation to help avoid common inputing errors.

Read more about all these features here.

Find out how to upgrade your Asset Bank to get all these enhancements if you are in customer support. Contact us if you would like to join support.

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