Though we know Heals as the home of contemporary designer furniture, we were surprised to find out that it’s heritage dates back to 1810, over 200 years ago, when it started out as a bed-maker. That fact alone makes them a worthy Asset Bank client of the month. We will be sharing some of Heal’s best digital assets over the next month, so get your credit card ready... Below are some of our favourites but please follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Linkedin to see more throughout the month.

We thought we would also shared a screen grab of Heal’s media library to show you how easy it is to brand Asset Bank with your identity. We think this looks very clean and stylish.


Seletti Vegaz Letters

We quite fancy some of these alphabet light-up letters. Might need to save up though as we would need them for both Bright Interactive and Asset Bank…


How the Mistral sofa is made

A 2 minute video showing the entire process of how the designer Mistral sofa is made by craftsman in the UK.

Dyke and Dean Lighting

Dyke and Dean’s customised retro lighting works for us. You can select individual fixings, fixtures and flexes to match your style.


If you like the look of Heal’s media library why not get in touch to discuss how we can create one for you.

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