Asset Bank supports the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) data stored by many modern cameras and smart phones (including the Apple iPhone). Using this geographical information in conjunction with Google maps, Asset Bank can now bring you the following benefits.

1/ You can find out where an image was taken by clicking 'View on map'

If the GIS module is configured in Asset Bank, you will see a 'View on map' link next to each asset that has location information stored within it. This information is typically extracted from the embedded metadata in the file at point of upload (assuming it was taken with a camera that records GPS information). See Fig. 1. below.

Fig. 1. Using Asset Bank to see where an image was taken


If this information is not within the images you have, then you can edit your assets and add it in using Google maps (you point to a location and Google returns co-ordinates back into the relevant Asset Bank attributes).


2/ You can search for assets within a geographical area

When configured, you can visit the advanced search page, pop-up a map, select an area and then instigate a search. Asset Bank will then return all assets that are located in this area that have relevant GPS information recorded against them (see Fig. 2.). 
Fig. 2. Searching for assets within a geographical area


3/ You can 'Find nearby items'

When looking at an asset page, you can click on 'Find nearby items' to see other assets that are geographically adjacent to it. (Note, the radius used in this calculation can be configured by a system administrator.) See Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. Finding nearby assets in Asset Bank


If you have assets with GPS information stored within them, then you can now configure Asset Bank to make use of this. It allows you to view an assets location on a map, search over a geographical area to locate assets, or find other items that are physically near to the asset you are currently looking at.

Please contact the support team should you have any questions or need help configuring this option.

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