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Emma Pryke

Emma Pryke
With a love for words and a head for marketing, Emma works with the team at Bright to create content that is *gasp* not just about Digital Asset Management! You’ll hear her voice on the Big Bright Podcast and she’s always keen to speak to our clients to get the scoop on what's going on their world. If you have a story for us about the incredible images in your Asset Bank just let her know!

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The BIG Bright Podcast!

The BIG Bright Podcast! How we plan to reboard our team after Covid

When the pandemic lifts we’ll need to go back to normal. Except it will be a new type of normal, and it might be quite a change to what we’re used to...

A day in the life Katie Simpson, a Digital Archivist in the fashion world

Katie Simpson is an esteemed Digital Archivist, working alongside fashion photographers to ensure their work is collated into an organised and easily..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

The BIG Bright Podcast! Safeguarding your company culture in lockdown

Cultivating an authentic and empowering company culture is a challenge at the best of times, but when the majority of your team are working remotely it..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

The BIG Bright Podcast! Fail fast: is the future of marketing agile?

In our recent episode, we spoke to our Digital Marketing Manager, Briony Storer about Agile Marketing and how it could benefit marketing teams across the..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

The BIG Bright Podcast! How to onboard new starters - remotely

On our recent podcast we discuss the extremely relevant topic of how to tackle virtual onboarding. Caroline Collyer, Head of People at Bright has 25 years..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

The BIG Bright Podcast! How to tackle change management

Welcome to Hannah Dodds and Chris Gibbs - two of our brilliant Professional Services Team. They provide valuable support and guidance to our clients who..
Digital Asset Management

Stuck in a digital asset rut? Now's the time to invest in a DAM

It’s a vicious circle. Your company shared drive is full of images, some named - some not and every day there are countless digital assets being added..

DAM & remote working: the perfect pair

In a time where many people are finding themselves working from home quite unexpectedly, organisations will be looking to technology to help their staff..
Case Studies

A day in the life of Jessica Banham from Aarsleff Ground Engineering

Jessica Banham is the Group Marketing and Brand Manager for Aarsleff's ground engineering segment, a leading specialist contractor and has been..
Employer Branding,
Brand Management

The BIG Bright Rebrand! Notes from the podcast

As an agile software company specialising in Digital Asset Management within a crowded market, it’s crucial that we stand out from our competitors with a..
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