We’re pleased that Asset Bank has performed strongly in the recent DAM News Vendor Pricing Survey. Sixteen Digital Asset Management software vendors took part in the totally independent report (twenty declined to participate).

While the survey found that the average cost for the first year of a hosted DAM solution is USD $37,846, the average cost of Asset Bank comes in at less than a third  of this, at USD $11,547. But we do this without sacrificing on the core features that matter most to users (such as file conversion options at download and the ability to share content externally in a variety of ways). In fact, we performed well in each of the report’s four pricing scenarios: Graphics Studio, Department DAM, Medium Size Company and Enterprise DAM.

Interestingly, the survey found a big pricing disparity between DAM vendors offering similar functionality. As it’s our mission to provide a quality, enterprise-level DAM system at an affordable price, we’re delighted to have it confirmed that we’ve succeeded in this. Selecting and choosing a Digital Asset Management system is a complex and time-consuming business. We try to make it as easy as possible for buyers to evaluate our software by making both our prices and demo publicly available on our website (no sign-ups required!). If our software isn’t right for an organisation, we’re the first to tell them. Read more about the DAM News Vendor Pricing Survey.

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