Asset Bank Lightboxes

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Lightboxes are individual users' private collections. They can have as many as they need, switch between them and create new ones. The lightbox can be run in expanded view, appearing as a strip at the bottom of the screen, improving workflow. You can drag and drop assets into the lightbox, or add and remove them via a link. Hovering on the assets provides a larger preview and displays some key attributes. And items can easily be removed.

If we visit the lightbox page we see other options. Users can share lightboxes internally with other users. Or publish a lightbox to be shared externally.

Publishing a lightbox results in a link you can send out, and recipients are then taken through to a branded page with the assets you have shared with them. From here they can download all of the assets or just the ones they need. Different download options can also be configured.

Other lightbox options include view as contact sheet. Allowing users to compare assets side by side and optionally print or save as PDF. There are also lots of configuration options for the layout. Finally, users can also view the contents of their lightbox as a slide-show. Lightbox features include multiple lightboxes per user,Drag and drop into the lightbox strip, Ability to share lightboxes internally or externally, View as contact sheet and print or save as PDF, View as slideshow.