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Asset Bank automatically generates web-optimized previews of uploaded files.This includes images, PDF, Photoshop and video for example.Now let's look at an asset details page.

There is a large image preview, many options for download, sharing, etc. details and links to any related assets in this case a model release form.

Other attributes are fully configurable, including the type (for example a drop-down), the order they appear in and whether or not they are highlighted.

This ensures organizations get the metadata schema that best describes their assets

Other optional attributes include asset ratings and reviews and many attributes are‘hot-links’, allowing users to find similar assets.Attributes can also be grouped under collapsible headings to keepthings neat and tidy.

‘Item usage’ has a record of all downloads related to a particular asset and thiscan include the date, the user, the conversion option and other details, for example the reason for download.

Video assets also have preview clips generated and this allows users to identify thefile prior to download.

Finally, geo-spatial attributes allow you to make use of GPS data held within assetsdisplaying areas or points on a map or finding nearby items

Asset and metadata features include:

  • web optimized previews of images artwork and video files

  • many options including download sharing and embedding, asset

  • relationships including parent-child or peer

  • a fully configurable meta data schema

  • ratings reviews usage history and hot-links to similar

  • assets

  • geo-spatial attributes