Asset Bank is a flexible Digital Asset Management solution with a variety of uses.

  • Digital Asset Management

    As your organisation grows it gets harder to keep on top of your images, logos, videos and other files. Digital Asset Management is the process of storing and sharing these assets efficiently.

  • Image Management

    Image management is one of the most popular uses of Asset Bank. Store, share and manage your images. Download options include useful conversion pre-sets and advanced users can crop, re-size and change the format of content too.

  • Document Storage

    Asset Bank can be used to store all standard document formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. Features include the ability to index the contents of these documents for searching and version history.

  • Brand Management

    Create a central brand bank for your logos and other brand materials. Control who is using your brand, how they use it and use features to ensure they follow your guidelines!

  • Multi-Media

    Like most organisations you may be accumulating a vast array of multi-media assets, from images to videos to audio files. Use Asset Bank to manage these and share them with staff and partner organisations.

  • ROI

    We think it's important to evaluate the return on investment a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can offer. Our DAM ROI model gives you an idea of the potential savings for your business.

The Royal Shakespeare Company

“The simplest, most-customisable, intuitive DAM on the market.” Michelle Morton, The Royal Shakespeare Company