Admin Resources

This page has been created to help Asset Bank Administrators stay up to date with resources available to them and ensure that their Asset Bank DAM grows in value over time.

New to Asset Bank?

If you are newly responsible for administering an Asset Bank, there are a few ways to help you make sure you are getting the most out of the system:

Watch some videos

See Asset Bank in action and increase your awareness of key features.

Stay abreast of the latest features

Review the latest features and ensure you are making the most out of them.

Book in some admin training

Level-up your Asset Bank administrator skills with some extra training (online or on-site). Get in touch to book a session.

Get some inspiration

View our current demo to see how Asset Bank can look. See how other people have used Asset Bank by browsing through a collection of public Asset Banks.

Read up on best practices

This blog post gives you a rundown of what is available to you as a new administrator of Asset Bank.

Getting Started Guide

You can also review the Getting Started Guide we provide for clients who are using Asset Bank for the first time.

Find help with an issue

Visit the Zendesk Help Centre to find answers to questions and access any of your existing support tickets.

If you cannot find an answer, then please feel free to email your question to our support team:

Speak to one of our consultants

We provide a range of consultancy services to help ensure you are getting the most from your Asset Bank DAM system. This can include making the most of the latest features and assessing your key user groups and user stories to ensure your users are getting the best experience. Get in touch to book a session.

If you are interested in migrating your digital assets to the cloud or another server, then we can help you with that too.

Stay up to date with our Newsletter

The best way to keep up to date with security updates, new features and upcoming events is to sign up for our news updates. To get an idea of what to expect you can browse our previous editions.

New features are being add all the time to Asset Bank. Keep an eye on our latest features section to see what's new.