How to display your Video files in Widescreen (16:9) format

If you would like your video assets to be displayed in Widescreen (16:9) format you will need to make a few changes to your file. Here is an example of the resulting preview image:

Here are the settings you will need to change to alter the height and width of the player to a size with a 16:9 ratio:

# What width should the flash player be shown at?

# What height should the flash player be shown at?

# What is the maximum width of a video preview? (0 = same as image)


# What is the maximum height of a video preview? (0 = same as image)

(Note, the player is 25 pixels taller than the video within it, this is due to the video player menu bar.)


You may also want to adjust the bitrate this video preview will be encoded to play back at, based on typical connection speeds of your user base. A higher bit rate will equal a higher quality video (if the original is high quality to start with), but you need to balance this with typical connection speeds to avoid lots of buffering (i.e. pauses when playing). Try using 1500k and see if you are happy with the results. You may also want to review your audio bitrate setting to increase the quality of this for video previews. 44100 is CD quality.


# The bitrate to use for the video preview conversion

# The audio sample rate, in Hz, for the preview clip create for audio and video files. Note: codecs will only accept certain values for this.


Once you have made these changes you will need to restart the Tomcat service for the changes to take effect. Any new video you upload will then have these properties.
To update existing videos, you will need to re-generate the previews. If your version of Asset Bank is lower than 3.1412, the refer to the how do I regenerate thumbnails knowledge base article.
If your version 3.1412 or above, then visit the following page to regenerate your video assets:
Admin > System > Developer > Thumbnails Regeneration
If you only have a few videos, then it may be easiest to regenerate them one by one. At least try regenerating one first to ensure you are happy with the results.

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