Who receives "Approval required" alerts (emails) when a user requests approval to download?

Note: In older versions of Asset Bank 'folders' were called 'access levels'
If Org Units are not being used in your Asset Bank the following process is followed:
  1. A user requests approval to download a lightbox containing assets for which they have 'download with approval' permission.
  2. Asset Bank searches for all non-admin users who have permission to approve those assets (i.e. they are in one or more Groups that has 'Approve download' permission on one or more of the folders each asset is in).
  3. If this search returns one or more users then these users are emailed*. In this case the email does NOT go to any admin user.
  4. If the search was empty (i.e. no non-admin users have permission to approve the download) then the email is sent to all admin users*.
If Org Units are turned on:
If the setting restrict-download-approval-by-org-unit=false (which it is by default):
  1. The same logic as for a 'standard' configuration is followed (see above). Note that Org Unit admin users are likely to have 'Approve download' permission on the folders in their Org Unit and so are likely to receive the emails for downloads of assets that are in their Org Unit's folders.
If restrict-download-approval-by-org-unit=true:
  1. Steps 1 for the 'standard' configuration is followed, resulting in a list of users who can approve the downloads and can receive emails.
  2. Asset Bank looks at each of the requester's Org Units (which is usually just one) and, for each, checks the list of approvers
  3. If any of the approvers are in one of the requester's Org Units then the approver is added to a second list.
  4. If the second list is not empty, the approval emails are sent to the users* in this list.
  5. If the second list is empty, the approval emails are sent to the users* in the first list (all non-admin approvers).
  6. If the first list is empty, approval emails are sent to all admin users*.
* Please note that a user will only receive alert emails if they the "Receives alerts" checkbox ticked on their user profile, and if they have a valid email address.

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