What should I do if I've deleted the recently added saved search?

If you have the classic homepage (or are displaying recently added assets on browse):

  • Delete any existing featured searches with the name 'Recently added' (if they're not showing up on browse or the classic homepage then they haven't been created correctly).
  • Run the following statement against your Asset Bank database:
    UPDATE SystemSetting SET Value='0' WHERE Id='RecentlyAddedSavedSearch';
  • Restart your Asset Bank web application or the Tomcat server.

If you are using the new homepage (and not showing recently added assets on browse):

  • Simply recreate a saved featured search through the front end of Asset Bank that finds everything and order it by Date Added (descending). Do this by going to the advanced search page and searching for all 'active' assets. This will bring back all assets in the system. Click on the configuration cog on this results page to view the sorting options. Then set this to date added descending. Finally, click 'save this search', name it 'Recently added' and set it as 'featured' so that it appears on all users' homepages.

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