Assigning users the permissions of a group using a URL

Asset Bank can be configured so that a user is assigned the permissions of a group by using a special URL to access Asset Bank (without them having to log in).
For example http://marketing.[] could display only assets relevant to your marketing department. When a user accesses the URL they are granted the permissions of a predefined Asset Bank group. The user is not logged in but they gain any view or download permissions that the relevant group has.

This functionality is enabled by changing the following setting and restarting Asset Bank (please see: How do I make changes to the settings file?):


Then, navigate to Groups from the admin menu and edit the group that you wish to assign users to based on a URL. In the URL Mappings box enter a short description of the group for example “marketing” and save the group.
In this example users could now access Asset Bank using
They would then be assigned the view and download permissions of the group which was given the URL mapping “marketing”.

More friendly URLs can be setup. For example:

If your Asset Bank is hosted by us, please contact us so that we can configure this URL for you.

If you host your Asset Bank then please contact the person responsible for the server which Asset Bank is hosted on. They will need to setup the new URL and then use a rewrite or redirect to point it to http://[]?group=[your-group-identifier].

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