How do I use "Brand templates"

This functionality allows an admin to upload a PDF design template (e.g. for a business card or a poster). Users can then add text into pre-defined fields and finally download personalised versions of these assets.

Step 1: Open up your image template in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Then choose the 'Forms > Add or Edit Fields'. (See figure 1.)

Figure 1 Select 'Add or Edit Fields..." from the menu

Step 2: Choose 'Add New Field > Text Field' and position these in the relevant places in the document (see figures 2 and 3). Ensure you name each of these fields (these name labels will be used by Asset Bank to guide the user when inputting the content, so make them as helpful as possible). In this example I have named the fields 'Title Text' and 'Author' (figure 3). Note: In Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can also set the font style, sizes and any default text that you want to appear in these fields.

Figure 2 Select Text Field from the menu

Figure 3 - adding in editable text fields

Step 4: Ensure the following setting is set in your Asset Bank settings file. (Note, 'pdf' is the only option currently.)


The settings file can be found on the server you host Asset Bank on, in the following location:

<tomcat home>\webapps\asset-bank\WEB-INF\classes\ (Note: Once the changes have been made you'll have to re-start the Asset Bank application for the change to be picked up.)

Step 5: Now upload a PDF which has editable text fields in it. During upload of a PDF Asset Bank will now ask if this particular PDF is a brand template. (See figure 4.) Tick this and continue if it is. If it is not, but you tick this field, Asset Bank will return a validation error.

Figure 4 - tick if this PDF is indeed a brand template

Step 6: Brand Template assets can only be downloaded by admin users. Non-admins will see the 'Create Document' button (admins will see this button as well). Pressing the 'Create Document' takes you to a page with a form where you can fill in the template's fields and download the filled-in template. The form fields on this page are pre-populated with the values of the Acrobat Form fields in the PDF (if these exist, or empty if not). (See figures 5,6 and 7.)

Figure 5 - a new Create Document button will now be available

Figure 6 - each editable field in the PDF (including its title) will be shown here

Figure 7 - the final PDF with text added into fields via Asset Bank

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