How to use a representative image as thumbnail for asset that is showing a generic icon

If you upload a file with an extension that Asset Bank does not recognise then a generic 'file' icon will be used as that asset's thumbnail. If you upload a file that is of a type that Asset Bank recognises but for which it cannot automatically generate a thumbnail (for example .XLSX) then an icon representing that file type will be used.

In either of these cases, if you want the thumbnail to be more representative of the asset, you can upload an image file (e.g. a JPEG) that will be used to create the asset's thumbnail. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Edit the asset (for example by clicking 'Edit' on the Asset Details page for that asset).
  • Upload the JPEG to the field called 'Thumbnail' on the 'Edit Metadata' page.
  • Click 'Save'.

How do I change an automatically generated thumbnail, e.g. for image assets?

I don't see a 'Thumbnail' field on the 'Edit Metadata' page

If you don't see this field then it could be because you have image substitutes enabled. The representative thumbnails and image substitutes features are not compatible and cannot both be used at the same time. In order for the representative thumbnails feature to be available image substitutes must be turned off with the following setting in


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