Configure Asset Bank to create thumbnails for SWF files (on Windows server)

How do I configure Asset Bank to create thumbnails for SWF files (on a Windows server)?

Enabling creation of thumbnails for SWF files

Please note: this is currently only possible if your Asset Bank is installed on a Windows server.

1. Run the following SQL update on the assetbank database:

INSERT INTO FileFormat (Id, Name, Description, FileExtension, AssetTypeId, IsIndexable, IsConvertable, IsConversionTarget, ThumbnailFileLocation, ContentType, ConverterClass) VALUES  (400,'SWF','Flash','swf',2,0,1,0,null,null,'com.bright.assetbank.converter.SwfToImageConverter');

If you see an error because a row with Id 400 exists already, then run the following update:

UPDATE FileFormat SET IsConvertable=1, ConverterClass='com.bright.assetbank.converter.SwfToImageConverter' WHERE ID=400 

2. Install SWF conversion software using the defaults:

3. Install Macromedia Flash Plugin on the server:

This is required by SWFToImage and may not already be on your server. To do this, open Internet Explorer on the server and go to:

3. Update your Asset Bank settings:

Find and edit the file [tomcat home]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/classes/

Find the setting that looks like:

swf-image-command=cscript //nologo "C:\\tomcat\\webapps\\asset-bank\\WEB-INF\\manager-config\\vbs-scripts\\SWFtoImage.vbs"

Edit this setting to reflect your actual Tomcat home directory.

If your server is 64-bit Windows, you need to change the cscript command to c:\\windows\\syswow64\\cscript, as SWFtoImage only runs in 32-bit mode.

Note about changing the settings:
- You need to use double backslashes.
- You need to put quotes around the file path to the .vbs file, if this path has spaces in it.

4. Restart Tomcat to pick up the changed settings.

You should now be able to upload SWF files, and these should be converted to a preview and thumbnail images on upload.

Please note that currently Asset Bank provides full support for SWFs that are images (rather than movies). Limited support is provided for SWF movie files:

  • The first frame is used to generate a thumbnail (there is not yet an option to select other frames).
  • Preview clips are not currently generated.
  • To view the full movie, users should download the original SWF file using the Download Original option on the Advanced Tab. You could also set up a Usage Type for this purpose, with the ‘Download Original‘ property checked.

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