Can I improve the perfomance of the slideshow?

If you are using Asset Bank's slideshow functionality and you find that the slideshows are taking a long time to load please check that you have done the following...

  • Open Asset Bank settings file (<tomcat home>\webapps\asset-bank\WEB-INF\classes\ in a basic text editor like EditPlus
  • Search for the setting cache-unwatermarked-large-image and set it's value to true
  • Search for the setting view-unwatermarked-large-image-size and adjust the size to be the maximum you want for your slideshow images (in pixels)
  • Save and close the settings file
  • Restart the Asset Bank webapp or the Tomcat server
  • Determine the minimum and maximum id of assets in your Asset Bank (either via the database or via the search page and the id sorting functionality)
  • Login to your Asset Bank as an admin user
  • Call the url http://<urlOfYourAssetBank>/asset-bank/action/regenerateImage?lowerId=<minId>&upperId=<maxId> (replacing the <variables> as appropriate)
  • This will cause Asset Bank to generate cached large versions of the images in your system and once this routine has completed (which may take a number of hours depending on the number of assets you have in your system) you should find the slideshow loads more quickly.

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