Can users view a Word or PDF document without going to the download page?

If you want users to see a link 'open file' or 'open document' when they are on the 'Asset Details' page for an asset that is a Word or PDF file then change the following setting (in to true:


Once this is changed (and Tomcat restarted), a link will be shown on the ‘Asset Details’ page, If the user clicks this then the browser will show the ‘open/download’ dialog immediately, i.e. without them having to go through the usual download process.

Before changing this setting please bear in mind the following issues/limitations:

  • This setting affects all assets that are of type ‘file’ (which means any file that is not image, video or audio), i.e. the ‘open’ link will be shown for all assets that are not image/video/audio.
  • When a user opens a file in this way they will almost certainly be able to save the file locally - this is browser behaviour that Asset Bank can’t control. This means that Asset Bank’s ‘audit logging’ will have been circumnavigated, i.e. the download won’t have been tracked.

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