How to show/hide the 'rotate' dropdown on the 'Upload/Edit Asset' pages

The 'Rotate' dropdown enables you to rotate a source image by 90/180/270 degrees, i.e. to correct the orientation of the original image. If you choose this option then Asset Bank saves a rotated 'working' version of the image for use when generating repurposed versions. The original file is untouched and can be downloaded if required (by choosing the 'download original' option).

Note that if your image contains Exif data from the camera indicating which way up the camera was when the picture was taken then, assuming you have the default 'embedded data mappings' configured, Asset Bank will automatically correct the rotation of images when they are first added. See for more information on this.

If you want to show or hide the 'Rotate' dropdown for all image formats, change the following setting in


If this setting is set to false then the 'rotate' dropdown will never be shown. If it is set to true then the rotate option will be shown by default for images. However, if you want to hide the 'rotate' dropdown for specific formats then you can do by running a database statement. For example, the following statement will hide the 'rotate' option for PDF files:

UPDATE FileFormat SET IsRotatable=0 WHERE FileExtension='pdf'; 

If you want to show the rotate option for a file type for which is was previously hidden:

UPDATE FileFormat SET IsRotatable=1 WHERE FileExtension='pdf'; 

If you want to show the rotate option for all file formats, when it has previously been hidden for some formats, ensure show-rotate=true and then run the following statement:

UPDATE FileFormat SET IsRotatable=1; 

(This resets Asset Bank to its default, i.e. the 'rotate' dropdown showing for all image formats).

If the 'rotate' dropdown is hidden for a particular image even though show-rotate=true and IsRotatable=1 for its FileFormat then the image is probably multi-page (for example a multi-page TIFF or PDF). It is not possible to rotate multi-page documents and so the 'rotate' dropdown will be hidden automatically.

To confirm if this is the case, browse back to the asset detail page and then click on the "large image popup" link next to the image.

The image should load in a new window and if it is a multi-page TIFF file you will notice that at the bottom of the window there are numbered links allowing you to browse the various pages contained in the file.

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