DNS setup for an Asset Bank hosted on our servers

When you choose to host your Asset Bank on our servers, one of the final steps is to create an appropriate web address for your business.

Because the DNS information for your company is something we cannot change, this article describes the steps you will need to take if you want to access your Asset Bank using one of your own domains.

Let’s say your business has the website address www.example.com. This address will have been registered by someone in your company (usually your IT department) with a domain registrar. You will need the account details for this domain registrar in order to make any changes.

When Asset Bank is installed on our servers, it will be setup with an address like http://example.assetbank-server.com

To use your own domain instead (here we will use the example: http://images.example.com), do the following:

1. Log into the website of your domain registrar

2. The layout of registrar websites varies greatly, however you are looking for an option to add a new DNS record.

3. The new record should have the following details:

Name / Host: images.example.com

Type / Record: CNAME

Details / Value: example.assetbank-server.com

Using the above as an example, add your desired address, choose a CNAME record, and direct it to the address we have set up and communicated to you.

Once you have added and saved the new DNS record, it can sometimes take a few hours for the new values to propagate across the internet, but once complete the new address will be available for all users.

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