How to set up a 'File Type' attribute

If you store multiple file (media) types in your asset library then you may want users to be able to search by file type.

Here‘s how to set up a dropdown list containing the 'file types' you want (such as ‘Images‘, ‘Video‘, 'Documents', 'Audio' etc.) and have the dropdown automatically populated for new assets based on their file extension:

Step1:Go to Admin > Attributes and click ‘Add a new attribute‘.

Step 2: Create the new attribute as type ‘Dropdown‘ and call it 'File Type‘ (or whatever you want). Click ‘Show on search‘ to show the dropdown on the ‘advanced search‘ page. Then click save.

Step 3: Now click on the [edit list values] link for this new attribute. Here you add the values that will be displayed in the drop down list. You can either add a value in for all your file extensions (e.g. jpg, etc.), or you can add in more general terms such as 'image' (and have this chosen for all image types - e.g. jpg, tif, gif).

For example you could add values for the dropdown, such as ‘Photo‘, 'Logo', 'Artwork', 'Video', 'Document'. For each, enter a value for the field ‘IPTC/EXIF Mapping‘ to define the set of file extensions - these should be separated by the 'pipe' character | (for OR) - this appears above the backslash character on the bottom left of standard keyboards. For example, you could add the following values (this list shows Name:IPTC/EXIF Mapping):

  • Images: png|jpg|tif|tiff|eps|psd|ai|bmp|gif|raw|img|psp|indd
  • Video: wmv|mp4|mpg|mov|aiff|xmf|avi|flv|f4v|mkv|mj2|mpeg|rm

  • Audio:wav|mp3|wma|aac|flac

  • Document: doc|docx|xls|xlsx|ppt|pptx|txt|pdf|odt|sxw|rtf|tex|wpd|wp|wp7
  • Other

Step 4: Finally go to Admin > Attributes > ‘Embedded Data Mappings‘ (tab). Create a new mapping as follows:

Attribute: pick the new attribute you have created for this purpose

Embedded data type: [other]

Embedded data value: Filename Extension

Delimeter: leave blank

Binary data: leave blank

Then click 'Add'

Once complete, to see it working complete a single upload and you should see the appropriate value selected during the upload process.

To retrospectively extract values for existing assets in your system you will have to go to:

Admin > Attributes > ‘Embedded Data Mappings‘ (tab), and click on 'rerun metadata extraction for existing assets'. WARNING: this re-extract will overwrite any metadata fields that are mapped to embedded metadata.

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