How to set up a 'Color Mode' attribute

If you use Photoshop to create or edit an image then it will contain embedded information about the ‘Color Mode‘. To set up a dropdown attribute that displays and allows you to search for the ‘Color Mode‘, follow these steps:

  • Create a new attribute of type ‘dropdown‘ called ‘Color Mode‘. Click ‘Show on search‘ if you want to show the dropdown on the ‘advanced search‘ page.
  • Add attribute values with the following names and IPTC/EXIF Mapping fields:

    • Bitmap: 0
    • Greyscale: 1
    • Duotone: 8
    • RGB Color: 3
    • CMYK Color: 4
  • Create an ‘embedded data mapping‘ to map the embedded field XMP:Color Mode to your attribute.

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